iMindMap Mobile HD for iPAD Review

by Kyle on April 17, 2011

Do you own an iPAD?

Are you looking for some super cool stuff, trendy but yet so useful software application that is unlike any other program you already got running in it?

Do you always find yourself having a very great idea, project you want to work on, a concept you want to create, or a moment of inspiration that you want to explore, expound and try to visually take on?

If you answer yes to any of those queries above, then you might as well check this amazing iMindMap Mobile HD mind mapping software.

iMindMap Mobile HD

iMindMap Mobile HD image iMindMap Mobile HD for iPAD Review

iMindMap Mobile HD is a mind mapping software tool created and designed by the world’s leading mind mapping software developer ThinkBuzan Company headed by Tony Buzan, the world’s leading expert on visual thinking as well as a leading lecturer on the brain and learning.

Tony Buzan’s mind maps is being used and employed by the world’s leading companies like Toyota, IBM and NASA to name a few. The companies that employed them alone can tell you how cool and amazingly effective this software is.

It is simply a software application intended for your iPAD that will help you imagine, explore and evolve on the way you create and capture ideas, concepts, or simple thoughts and create an action plan on it through iMindMap Mobile HD. Very effective when used to present your ideas visually to your peers, colleagues, clients, prospect clients or for your own professional job or field of expertise and get feedback from it.

It will simply give you the limitless avenues or direction of any idea you can put into your mind map more than what your brain can conceive. By default it is a tool that can aide your brain for creative and critical thinking.

iMindMap Mobile HD is like an endless virtual spreadsheet where you can put your thoughts across, in your own time and pace, in your own unique way of doing it at the tip of your fingertips.

Goodbye to writing out your ideas or plans on a piece of paper and collating it to see the big picture of your projects, action plans or presentations.

ipad 2 iMindMap Mobile HD for iPAD Review

You can give a WOW experience to your audience with its Presentation Mode feature that allows you to simply hook up your iPAD to any screen for your convenience, and present your mind maps slide by slide for great interactive results.

It will allow you to have a smooth communication to your clients about your ideas by mapping it out and sending it to their email by images, PDF files, and iMindMap files. It can greatly aide you in presenting creatively and visually through its set of Central Imaging, Branch Icons, background colors, and mind map shapes to allow you and your peers to think visually.

new ipad pic 300x260 iMindMap Mobile HD for iPAD Review

Get the iMindMap Mobile HD now for just $ 32.99 only!!!

The way you use your iPAD, do your work and exchange ideas will never be the same again.

For more information about iMindMap Mobile HD feel FREE to check it out here!







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